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Demand & Supply Trading

Learn Demand & Supply based strategy and become consistently profitable in the market. Figure out exact entry and exit points.

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Elliott Wave Analysis

Learn practical application of Elliott Wave Theory, Take your expertise to the next level and stay ahead of the market.

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Combined Course

Learn D&S trading strategy and practical application of Elliott Wave theory to build an extra edge over the market.









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You may be new to the market, or someone familiar with it, or you may even be a professional trader who wants to sharpen their skills. Our courses cater to your individual education needs.


Share Market Course Online

If you want to build your career in stock market you can enroll in this online share market course. You will learn how to apply demand and supply zones in trading to increase profitability.

40 Seat 01 Month
₹ 15000/-

Elliott wave analysis Course

In this online technical analysis course for share market you will learn practical application of Elliott Wave Theory. After purchasing the course you will receive an schedule of Training by mail.

40 Seat 01 Month
₹ 15000/-

Stock Market Course - Combined Course

This is a course in share trading on price action trading strategies where you will get both Demand Supply Trading and Elliot Wave theory covered.

40 Seat 02 Months
₹ 25000/-

Share Market Course - Trader 360

Learn to trade every phase of the market

40 Seat 1
₹ 15000/-

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Santigopal Roy

The course is incomparable to the coursea available in the market. It is totally practical application oriented and the Demand Supply Trading course was complete enough to make a beginner profitable. Now thinking to take my learning to the next level through Elliott Wave Theory course.


Gopinath Das

The combined course was awesome and Mr Asish is doing great work to help the retail traders. Elliot Wave Theory part was completely game changer and it changed the way I look towards market.


Raju Maity

You prepare people to carry out skills in the real trading. Keep up the good work. What I have learned in this course were found no where,and I will be able to apply it to manage my own portfolio.


Our course are designed in such away that it will fit the need of every individual. Our classes will be in weekends and in online mode so that working professionals can attend the classes conveniently. Our strategy may be applied equally by a full time trader or by a occational trader like working professionals. There will be not need for continuous monitoring of the trades  and you can trade with your peace of mind.

If you change your mind and want to cancel your order you have to inform us through at email: with in 48 hour of purchase. We don`t mind refund you in full.

Demand Supply Trading Course and Elliott Wave theory course are of one month duration each having 32 hour of live learning. There will be total 8 classes of 4 hour duration each in every Saturday and Sunday.

The combined course will be of two month duration having 64 hour live class. There will be 16 classes of 4 hour duration each in every Saturday and Sunday.

The classes will be conducted in online mode over the internet.

Various courses are available in the market but we provide unique learning experience to our students through practical examples. Another unique advantage of our course is students will get lifetime learning support from our mentor. Students can contact us any time during his trading career to get any kind of learning support from us.

Currently we provide below mentioned courses which can make a common investor profitable.

1. Demand Supply trading Strategy

2. Elliot Wave Analysis and Its Practical Applications

3. Combined course which covers both the above mentioned strategies.

We recommend traders/investors to opt for the combined course because it combines both the strategies and provide an edge over the market.

Asish Samanta

Trading Techniques Mentor

Asish Samanta is an IT Engineer by profession having a huge passion to the equity market. Since college life he was dreaming of becomming a successful full time trader and to become financial independent. But being brought up in a poor middleclass family with out any knowledge of financial market he had to start from scratch. After passing through many ups and downs finally has found his own formaula and now available to share the experiance of his journey mixed with the every knowledge required to be a successful trader/investor. According to him the main obstacle he has faced is that the learning materials are not available in a place as a whole and inter linked manner and how to utilise the knowledge as a tool.





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