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About Us

The Trading Techniques is a name on which you can rely upon to learn the art of trading to be a successful trader / investor in the market as a step forward to the goal of becoming financially free. Our mentor Asish Samanta is successfully analyzing and forecasting the market since 2015. He has trained many traders in this period and now available to teach online.

As per our opinion as the financial stability is the most important part of our life so every one should be given basic financial education in school level. But unfortunately it is not available in most of the country. Because of that most the investors / traders jump into the market with out learning anything in the greed of profit. As a result they make huge loss and get out of the market. In this perspective our mission is to train everyone irrespective of their background so that everyone can make their own investment decisions. So before jumping into the market please invest something for learning which in return pay you multi fold in the future.Please remember the famous line "Learning is earning " in this financial market

About Our Mentor

Our mentor Asish Samanta is an IT Engineer by profession having a huge passion to the equity market. Since college life he was dreaming of becomming a successful full time trader and to become financial independent. But being brought up in a poor middleclass family with out any knowledge of financial market he had to start from scratch. After passing through many ups and downs finally has found his own formaula and now available to share the experiance of his journey mixed with the every knowledge required to be a successful trader/investor. According to him the main obstacle he has faced is that the learning materials are not available in a place as a whole and inter linked manner and how to utilise the knowledge as a tool . His aim is to eliminate this obstacle so that every retail investor has the knowledge required to become profitable.